5 medispa services just for you!

Enhance your beauty and health with our non-surgical medi spa services – removal of unsightly skin blemishes, chemical peels to reduce signs of aging, reflexology for improved well-being and detoxification to enhance your health and vitality, and hair removal by electrolysis.

Skin Blemishes

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures treatments using electrolysis are becoming more popular as knowledge about these fantastic treatment results increase. A wide array of skin blemishes can be quickly and effectively treated with immediate results giving you blemish-free skin. Treatable blemishes include warts, milia/syringoma, skin tags, broken capillaries, cherry angioma and seborrheic keratosis. Book an appointment to remove those unsightly blemishes that you find so annoying. $97 (15 minutes), $167 (30 minutes)

Professional Chemical Peels

GM Collin offers a variety of professional chemical peels utilizing the most active ingredients available on the market today such as Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic and Mandelic Acid, Resorchinol, Vitamin C and E in combinations with other anti-oxidents and brightening actives to promote exceptional results. $90 each or $270 for a series of 4.
Peels offer many benefits:
• Favours cell renewal
• Improves texture
• Reduces signs of aging
• Diminishes hyperpigmentation
• Treats acne concerns
Your aesthetician will do an in depth skin analysis and recommend the chemical peel that is best suited for your skin concerns.


Electrolysis is a safe and proven way to remove unwanted body hair permanently from any part of the body. Electrolysis can be done on any hair and skin type. The number of treatments needed depends of the coarseness of your hair, the amount of hair you want to remove and so on. Appointments range in time and frequency is usually weekly or bi-weekly. Our free consultation will outline exactly what is involved for your particular situation.
Our certified electrolysis technicians apply an electrical current through the insertion of a probe into the hair follicle. This coagulates the blood in the follicle (which is what nourishes your hair to grow). The hair becomes weaker over time and eventually stops growing.
Probes are single use and disposed into a sharps container. We also have gold needles ($2 extra charge) for people with sensitive skin.
• 5 minutes $20
• 10 minutes $28
• 15 minutes $34
• 30 minutes $49
• 45 minutes $64
• 60 minutes $74
• 90 minutes $115
hair removal by electrolysis


Reflexology is much more than a foot massage. Your therapist will apply pressure to precise reflex points of your feet. This natural healing technique relieves stress, normalizes body functions, improves circulation and helps the body to heal. $67 (45 minutes)

Diabetic Nail Care

Proper foot care for people with diabetes is very important because the disease makes them vulnerable to foot problems due to nerve damage and reduced blood flow to the feet. Many serious health problems associated with diabetes can be prevented with proper foot care. However, pedicure treatments for diabetics can be a special challenge when you are doing this yourself. That’s where Déjà Vu Spa can help.



Remove the toxins from your body that we accumulate from our environment. An ion footbath accelerates the removal of these toxins through the process of osmosis. The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation helps to relieve joint and muscle pain and eliminate the build up of lactic acid in the body.
The ion footbath can be used by anyone over four years of age. Our staff will advise you of any concerns or precautions that you may need to do prior to receiving a treatment.

An ion footbath can help you deal with:
• Fibromyalgia
• Eczema
• Autism
• Diabetes
• Psoriasis
• Cancer
• Arthritis
• Obesity
• Depression
• Irregular sleep patterns
• Joint pain
• Intestinal disorders
• Gout
• Acne
• Osteoporosis

• One session: $45*
• Package of 5: $200*
• 10 sessions: $410*

GMC Medical Products
We now offer GM Collin Medical products to enhance and support or two wonderful skin care lines -YonKa and GM Collin. GMC Medical addresses the most prevalent conditions of the skin including skin aging, sun damage, acne and pre- and post-medical aesthetic procedures. These products are recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physicians, and aestheticians. GMC Medical advanced dermaceutical products support and maintain clinical procedure results with an integrated approach to healthier skin.

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