TIPS You Can Use

TIPS You Can Use

This page is where we provide you with helpful tips for your health and beauty. We’ll post new tips as our schedule allows so check back often to see what’s new.

Lashes and Brows

Lash Lifting – this is a newer type of lash enhancement. This method will give a curl or bend in the lash to give the appearance of a longer and thicker lash. No need for ongoing maintenance. No need to use a lash curler or mascara. A lash solution is placed on the lash to allow for the curl to take in the lash. Afterward, the lashes are tinted to give them a bolder look. This is a great alternative to the regular maintenance of lash extensions.

Eyelash Tinting – allows people to have darker lashes (typically a black tint is used) without the need for mascara. Gives you bolder, natural looking lashes but does not make them look thicker or longer. Lasts 4-8 weeks. Great in the summer when you’re relaxing and not wanting to wear makeup.

Eyebrow Tinting – the use of tint formulated for the eyebrow and eyelash area to enhance the colour of the hair.
Darker eyebrows, no matter what the colour of your natural eyebrows is benefit from a significant colour boost. Benefits include fuller looking eyebrows, easier makeup application and less time to get ready. Lasts 3-8 weeks. We recommend up to 2 shades darker than your hair colour.


Beautiful looking fingernails

Nail Artistry
Nail art is a creative way to decorate and enhance nails for hands and/or feet. It’s typically done after a manicure or pedicure. Without a doubt, nail artistry is extremely popular and shows no sign of falling out of fashion. And summer is always a great time to get playful with designs.
art for fingernails
Bring us your design or have us create a fun look for you.

Options in Nail Polish
In the last 5 years many options for polish became available:
* Regular lacquer – this is what most of us used. Ideally you need to use a polish free from formaldehyde, DBP and toluene, 3 main ingredients in nail polishes. We use Zoya nail polish which is free from these nasty ingredients and is safe to use on pregnant and nursing mothers as well as children.
* Curable polish – at Deja Vu this is called EVO (created by Bio Sculpture) to give a healthier alternative to other curable polishes commonly called Shellac.
* Gels – We use Bio Sculpture gel which has been around since 1988 – the first soak off gel created. It protects the nails and allows them to grow without damage to the natural nail.
* EVO curable polish – Our Evo is an oxygenating gel and is self-levelling. It gives flexible support that prevents nail plate injury or damage and lasts 10-21 days or longer with a long-lasting high gloss finish. Evo base is a medical grade formulation infused with vitamins A and E that migrate to the nail surface after curing. It does not contain formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP or camphor. It is not tested on animals and is 100% vegan.
* Bio sculpture gel – this product has also been around since 1988. It is the first soak off gel created that contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP or camphor. It comes in 80 colours and lasts 2-4 weeks, the average being 3 weeks.

nail polish types and colours

If you’re not sure what type of nail polish would be best for you, one of our aestheticians will be glad to help.

Glycolic Manicure: Do you have unwanted pigment spots on your hands? Glycolic acid (commonly used on the face in facial treatments) can be used on the hands to improve more intensely the appearance and texture of the hands. Improvement on dark spots will vary from person to person depending on the degree of pigmentation.
Dark spots are also known as age spots and that’s something no one wants. Book this special manicure to fade those spots.

Spa Manicure:
Care for the nails and cuticles on the hand with an added exfoliation to improve the texture and appearance of the hand. A mask is followed for deep hydration.
How your hands look says a lot about you – make yours beautiful with one of our professional manicures.

Manicures: The care for the nails and cuticles on the hands.
* Improves nail growth. Many people say they will wait to book a manicure because their nails broke and are waiting for them to grow before scheduling their mani. Don’t wait! Having that manicure sooner rather than later will help nails grow by stimulating the matrix in the nail and therefore stimulating nail growth.
* Helps increase circulation from the cuticle work an d massage techniques used
* It is a relaxing experience
Indulge yourself – after all, you work hard. Enjoy our professional manicure services.

Benefits of waxing hair removal for women and men

Hard or Soft Wax????
Hard Wax: type of wax used to remove coarse hair. This wax is thicker in texture and is primarily used oh the face (eyebrow, lip, chin), as well as the underarm area and bikini area. It is applied in a thicker application, dries slightly and is removed. No cloth is needed to remove this wax. This wax has less resin in it therefore it pulls less on the skin making it a better choice for more sensitive and delicate skin areas.
Soft Wax: type of wax used to remove body hair. This wax is in liquid form and is used with a cloth strip on top to remove the wax and hair. Can be used anywhere on the body. However, in our opinion it is best used on the body areas such as legs, arms, back and chest. This wax has more resin in it, so it pulls more; we prefer not to use soft wax on sensitive areas.
Waxing benefits:
* Improves skin texture
* Exfoliates as it removes the top layer of dry, dead skin cells
* Can have less irritation than shaving and depilatory creams
* No cuts
* Stubble free
* Hair grows back progressively slower and sparser

Get ready for summer now. This is a popular service we offer so book your appointment now to avoid disappointment – call us at 519 745 2888 or use our online booking service.

Waxing naturally exfoliates the skin
Waxing is a natural exfoliator. If your skin is feeling dry, waxing is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells. The warm wax doesn’t just remove your unwanted hairs, it also effectively removes dead surface level skin cells. You can continue to exfoliate a few days after waxing with exfoliate creams or luffas to maintain that soft feeling.

Waxing gets less painful over time
You have heard the waxing horror stories but the truth is when you book your appointment with an experienced professional, there should be little to no pain. The professional waxing specialists at Deja Vu know the proper way to wax.
If you have a low pain tolerance, consider taking an over the counter medication before your appointment. But most important, relax. Waxing can be painful if your body and muscles are tense which can happen when you are worried or nervous. That’s why it’s important to remember to breathe and to keep your body relaxed.
So lay back and listen to our soothing music while you imagine your new hair-free appearance.

Waxing can prevent ingrown hairs
Unlike shaving where you are essentially cutting each hair at the base of your skin with a razor blade, waxing takes it a step further. When you wax the entire hair is pulled out of the hair shaft. This leaves you with incredibly smooth skin since the hair will be gone for over a month. It will have to completely regenerate to grow again. With waxing there is less chance for hair to get caught under the skin as it can with shaving – this means that waxing is a great way to prevent ingrown hairs for people with all hair types.

Did you know… hair grows back more sparse after waxing
Once you have started going for regular waxing appointments your hair will start to grow back less. After waxing the new hair that eventually regrows can be thinner, softer and less coarse. It can also be less thick. In some cases, if you are waxing frequently over a long period of time the hair will stop growing.

We invite you to experience the benefits of waxing at our spa – you’ll be thrilled with the result!

Waxing is a popular way to temporarily remove unwanted hair from different parts of the body. Many people dream of soft, smooth skin but are hesitant to try waxing fearing that it will be painful.
Be hair free for a month: waxing removes hair from their source, the root, situated just under your skin. Your hairs will have to completely regenerate in order to grow back which takes much longer than shaving which generally must be done daily for the same effect of soft, hair-free skin we so adore.
Book your appointment today. Call us at 519 745 2888 or use our online booking service to make an appointment.

Footlogix Foot Care
A new innovative foot cream that is a mousee foam! Great for summer use when you are not wearing socks, as it absorbs into the foot immediately. It softens and protects the skin against dryness and cracking by replenishing the epidermis making your feet look great in sandals.

Be nice to your feet with this fabulous product – you’ll be glad you did!

Medical Pedicure Treatments

toe nail with fungus

Toe Nail Fungus – also called onychomycosis, is a common fungal infection. It may spread and cause the nails to thicken or crack. You can still have a pedicure if you think or know you have fungus. We use stainless steel foot baths that are sterilized between clients. Our tools are also sterilized.

We can make improvements to the nail by cleaning it and by reducing the thickness that builds up with our professional tools. We can then make suggestions on how frequently we should treat your feet and what topical treatments are available. Depending on the severity of the fungus we suggest our Fungus Tincture by Footlogix or Jublia which needs a prescription from your doctor.

Corns – This is a type of callus that forms in a core shape and goes deep into the foot until it hits a nerve which causes pain or discomfort. There is no blood supply or nerves in a corn. Corns can be found on the bottom of the foot or on and around the toes.

Ingrown Toe Nails – Improperly cut nails can cause ingrown nails. Most ingrown nails are imbedded in the nail folds or nail bed. At times people may have involuted nails (when the nail curls in and around). Ingrown toe nails are very painful and serious. Being treated by a trained aesthetician can alleviate discomfort and then measures can be taken to assist in the proper growing of the nail.

If you suffer from any of these conditions we can help. Call us at 519 745 2888 to make an appointment.


foot care products

Gehwol (means Walk Well) Foot Care Products
Our feet get a lot of use, especially it we’re trying to average 10,000 steps a day, wear construction boots or play a lot of sports, so we need to take care of our feet.

Benefits of foot care products:
• Anti-fungal properties
• Anti-bacterial
• Deep hydration
• Helps prevent foot odour

Any moisturizer is beneficial for feet however, foot care products are better suited as they have the extra hydration and protecting ingredients that benefit feet. We stock these products so stop by our spa and pick up what you need.

Watch this video of Sandy demonstrating a home pedicure


Caring for your toe nails with pedicures
Pedicure: This is a cosmetic procedure of the feet and toenails. Includes shaping of the nails and cuticle area, removal of callus and smoothing of the bottom of the foot, plus a massage of the foot and leg.

A Spa Pedicure adds exfoliation and a mask… this gives more hydration and smoothness to the feet. Clients tell us it’s like having a facial on your feet.

• Improved appearance of your feet
• Improved circulation
• Improved health of the foot

Recommended frequency is every 3 – 8 weeks depending on the condition of the foot.

Treat your feet to a pedicure. Call us at 519 745 2888 or use our online booking service to make an appointment.


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